RSD Awareness
                                - Spreading the Word One Person at a Time

     Support Groups

      Body of Hope encourages others to share thier own unique coping mechanisms
      through creative means such as poetry, artwork, personal stories, visualizations... RSD support message board
      It is for members, but membership is free message board. Currently the site is
      mainly a women's site but more & more men are joining. Everyone is welcome...

      Online Support Group for people with RSD/CRPS, their friends, and family

      Oklahoma RSD/CRPS Support
      Support for Oklahomans and their families living with RSD/CRPS and fibromyagia trying
      to raise awareness and education about this crippling disease. Please join our group and
      togetherwe can make a difference.

      RSD Chat
      My name is Josh and I've had RSD in my right arm for almost 3 years. I've created a
      chat site which I'm hoping with be able to bring together many people with RSD.

      RSD Hope Kids
      RSDHope Kids is run by 3 of the members from the RSDHope Teens group, I'm Chrystine
      and I'm the page owner. The other moderators are Nicole and Betsy. We also help run ...

      RSD Hope Teen Corner
      RSDHope Teen Corner was started in March, 1998, in response to the growing amount
      of kids joining the RSDHope digest listserv.(which is not around anymore). Keith...

      RSD Outreach
      Online support group for people with chronic pain or RSD ,their care givers, and family
      members. We are a family oriented group who show positive support to all members and
      our members can relax and enjoy a low stress environment where they can talk and
      exchange understanding words with friends in the same situation as themselves.

      RSD Parents Support Group
      RSDParents was born out of a need for a place for parents of children with RSD to reach
      out to other parents in the same situation for support,information, and friendship. We ...

      RSD Support
      I want to welcome each and every one of you to my new forum. After suffering with
      chronic pain for more than ten years, I have made this forum for myself and others who
      are suffering round and find something that you are looking for. Be sure to register!

      RSDS4Sibs RSD support group for siblings
      A pace where siblings can go to talk about living with RSD in their family. Life can be
      hard for the person that has RSD, but also for the siblings. Here is a place they can

      Teens and Kids Fighting CRPS/RSD
      Teenagers sharing there stories about CRPS/RSD


Finding Support

      RSDSA lists a number of RSD/CRPS support groups on its website visit them here

      If you cannot find a nearby face-to-face support group here are some addtional options:

      1. Call the American Chronic Pain Association and inquire whether there is a chronic pain
      support group in your area, 1-800-533-3231

      2. Visit RSDSA's resources page that lists chat rooms and on-line groups, etc. Click here

 If you would like your site added or if you feel your site is in the wrong subgroup please
  email us for consideration

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